About us

We are a boutique publishing house with two directors, Karen Haynes and Anthony Haynes.

We publish specialist non-fiction on:

  • higher education;
  • creative writing studies.

In addition, we provide literary, editorial, and training services.

Clients past and present include Cambridge University Press, Galore Park, Nelson Thornes, and Sage Publications.

Postscript: in August 2014 we changed our company name from The Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd to Frontinus Ltd. We continue to use The Professional and Higher Partnership as the name of one of our imprints.

Corporate information

Frontinus Ltd (previously The Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd) is a limited company registered in England (company no. 6777037).

Registered office:  Suite 7 Lyndon House, 8 King’s Court, Willie Snaith Road, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7SG, UK. For our correspondence address, please see our Contact us page.


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