53 interesting things to do in your seminars and tutorials

53 interesting things to do in your seminars and tutorials (5th ed.)

Original authors: Sue Habeshaw, Trevor Habeshaw, & Graham Gibbs.
Revised and updated by Hannah Strawson.

53s SEMINARS coverSeminars and tutorials are staples of higher and professional education courses – but running them well and ensuring that they are effective is not easy. 53 interesting things to do in your seminars and tutorials provides practical suggestions, each tried and tested, for ways to develop your professional practice. The book is designed to dip into to find ideas to dovetail with your own approach and context.

The topics covered are wide-ranging. They include: ways to begin; student-led seminars; group work; student participation and responsibility; evaluation; written material; and the expression of feelings.

ISBNs and formats:
ePub: 978-1-907076-19-0
PDF: 978-1-907076-20-6
Kindle: 978-1-907076-21-3
Paperback: 978-1-907076-29-9

Extent: 160 pp.
Imprint and publisher: The Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd
Place of publication: Wicken (2012)

Key terms: higher education; learning; pedagogy; professional education; seminars; study; teaching; tutorials

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