Rethinking creative writing in higher education

Rethinking creative writing in higher education: programs and practices that work
Author: Stephanie Vanderslice

9781907076312In this passionate, iconoclastic, survey of Creative Writing as an academic discipline, Stephanie Vanderslice provides a provocative critique of existing practice. She challenges enduring myths surrounding creative writing – not least, that writers learn most from workshops. Through case studies of best practice from America and elsewhere, Vanderslice provides a vision of change, showing how undergraduate and postgraduate programs can be reformed to re-engage with contemporary culture.

Formats and ISBNs:
ePub edition (2011): 978-1-907076-10-7
PDF edition (2011): 978-1-907076-18-3
Hardback (2011): 978-1-907076-13-8
Softback (2012): 978-1-907076-31-2

Extent: 152 pp.
Imprint: Creative Writing Studies
Publisher: The Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd
Place of publication: Wicken, Cambridgeshire, UK

Key terms: creative writing; literacy; pedagogy; programs; reflective; reform; teaching; visionary; workshop.

‘This is a brave, serious, passionate and entertaining book’ – Dr Steve May, Bath Spa University.

“[An] excellent resource for ideas, for inspiration, and for sources on aspects of pedagogy for creative writing programs” – Kevin Brophy, Text: Journal of Writing and Writing Courses (Vol. 16, No. 1).

“This thoroughly researched, beautifully written, and altogether important book” – Erika Dreifus, Practicing Writing blog (

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