53 interesting ways to communicate your research

53 interesting ways to communicate your research

Volume editors: Irenee Daly and Aoife Brophy Haney

9781907076657To maximise the value of your research, you need to communicate it to others. There are many ways to do so: examples include applications and bids, conference presentations, gray literature, journal papers, media (old and new), public talks,  and teaching.

This book provides fresh, creative, ways of making the most of these and other opportunities. It provides 53 practical suggestions, each based on ideas tried and tested by the contributors.

“This book serves not only as a reminder of good practice, but as an inspiration for new ventures. It is the step back from our work we all need before dissemination, and even the quickest flick through will reveal less-trodden communication paths – almost daring you to have a go.” – Jamie Gallagher, Chemistry World ( http://www.rsc.org/)

“I had high expectations of 53 interesting ways to communicate your research – and I wasn’t disappointed. The book covers a range of communications types and challenges within academia and outside of it … No section is more than 3 pages long, so you can imagine how jam packed this book is with useful and relevant information.” – Dr Inger Mewburn, The Thesis Whisperer (http://thesiswhisperer.com/)

“This book is timely in its focus on communication of research, in that academics are increasingly expected to engage broad audiences when disseminating the findings from their projects. It is still important to know how to effectively perform the traditional academic modes of lecturing and conference presentations, and writing for publication in journals and books. But today’s researchers must also expand their repertoire to have an ‘impact’ beyond academia, and the book’s structure points to those changing demands.” – Dr Cally Guerin, Doctoral Writing SIG (https://doctoralwriting.wordpress.com/)

ISBNs and formats:
ePub: 978-1-907076-64-0
PDF: 978-1-907076-65-7
Paperback: 978-1-907076-63-3

Extent: 134 pp.
Imprint and publisher: The Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd
Place of publication: Newmarket

Published May 2014.

Key terms:  communication; impact; presenting; publication; public engagement; research; social media; writing

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