53 ways to deal with large classes

53 ways to deal with large classes is a revised and updated edition of 53 problems with large classes.

Original authors: Sue Habeshaw, Graham Gibbs, & Trevor Habeshaw.

Volume editor for the new edition: Hannah Strawson.

Large Classes coverNew contributors: Mais Ajjan; David Kane; George MacDonald Ross; Richard Smith; Hannah Strawson; James Williams.

Teaching staff are increasingly being required to teach large classes. This book identifies the problems this gives rise to and, for each one, suggests a response or set of responses. It is designed for dipping into to find solutions that dovetail with your own practice.

The topics covered are wide-ranging. They include: course planning and implementation; lectures; discussion groups and seminars; practicals, projects, and fieldwork; and assessment. Overall, this resource is designed to help reflective practitioners in professional and higher education survive and succeed.

ISBNs and formats:

  • ePub: 978-1-907076-58-9;
  • PDF: 978-1-907076-57-2;
  • Paperback: 978-1-907076-56-5.
  • Kindle: 978-1-907076-59-6

Extent: 160 pp.
Imprint and publisher: The Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd.
Date of publication: 3 March 2013.

Place of publication: Newmarket, UK.

Key terms: assessment; classes; courses; group work; higher education; lectures; pedagogy; post-compulsory education; professional education; seminars; students; teaching; training.

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