Caves of Making

Caves of Making

By Philip Gross

9781907076749This book provides a sustained exploration, and celebration, of creativity. It brings together the work of three remarkable creatives. TS Eliot prizewinner Philip Gross provides a poem, ‘Cave diver in the deep reach’, and an extended commentary on how the poem was written. The book also features an essay by typographer Jeremy Tankard, whose unique ‘Redisturbed’ typeface is used in this book, and an interview with artist Rika Newcombe, who provides the cover image. We offer Caves of Making as the textual equivalent of a creative festival – a festival on the page, as it were.

Formats and ISBN: hardback; 978-1-907076-74-9

Publication date: 31 August 2013.

Extent: 64 pp.

Imprint: Creative Writing Studies.

Publisher: The Professional and Higher Partnership Ltd.

Place of publication: Newmarket, Cambridgeshire, UK.

Key terms: arts; creative writing; creativity; fine arts; literary work; poetry; reflective practice; typography; writing.

For more information on the Redisturbed typeface (used in Caves of Making for the first time for setting a book), see here: For more information on Rika Newcombe, see here:

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