Studying Creative Writing

Studying Creative Writing Edited by Sharon Norris What can you expect from a creative writing course? What skills do you need to develop? How can you make the most of your degree course – and the opportunities it can create? This book is designed to answer those questions. It explains how to:

  • learn from other writers, workshops, and online study;
  • develop ideas and edit your own work;
  • present your writing and reflect on it;
  • understand and meet assessment requirements;
  • apply your learning to life after the course.

9781907076428-frontcover‘Each contributing writer has an engaging, accessible voice … a marvellous tool for all students of writing.’ — Professor Jen Webb, University of Canberra

Contents: Editor’s preface × ‘What to expect of a creative writing degree’ by Sharon Norris × ‘The skills you’ll need to study creative writing’ by  Ally Chisholm × ‘The importance of reading to your writing’ by Shawn Shiflett × ‘Pre-writing: how to use journals, notes and plans to improve your writing’ by Lorna Fergusson × ‘Workshops: what they are (and aren’t) and how to make the most of them’ by Jennifer Young × ‘Online learning and how it can help your work’ by Elizabeth Reeder × ‘The role of editing and redrafting, and how to do both’ by Spencer Jordan × ‘Reading aloud: making the most of your work when you present it’ by Nabila Jameel × ‘ The role of critical reflective essays and commentaries and how to write them’ by Sharon Norris × ‘Assessment: how it’s done and its implications for your work’ by Helen Kidd × ‘What happens next? How to proceed after graduation’ by Sally O’Reilly × Bibliography.

Key terms: creative writing; higher education; assessment; editing; employability; journaling; learning; skills; online learning reflection;  reading; revision; study; workshops.

Publication: September 2013 in hardback (ISBN 978-1-907076-42-8), ePub (978-1-907076-39-8), and PDF (978-1-907076-40-4); September 2014 in paperback (ISBN 978-1-907076-43-5).

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