Researching Creative Writing

9781907076169Creative writing and academic research can seem uncomfortable bedfellows. But in this learned, practical book, Jen Webb shows how ‘research practices can invigorate writing; creative practices can invigorate research; and – if properly organised and managed – creative writing can operate as a mode of knowledge generation, a way of exploring problems and answering questions that matter in our current context’. Researching creative writing enables writer-researchers to craft a toolkit that will help them produce better creative work and more rigorous research work.

Jen Webb is Distinguished Professor, Creative Practice, at the University of Canberra.

Contents: Introduction: What is research?; Part 1:  Designing the research – Chapter 2: Finding a project, Chapter 3: The epistemological preliminaries, Chapter 4: The craft of research; Part 2: Doing research – Chapter 5: Writing as research, Chapter 6: Research and other people, Chapter 7: Research and the environment; Part 3: From materials to the published work – Chapter 8: Managing the material, Chapter 9: Writing and telling; Acknowledgements; References; Glossary of key terms; Index.

Key terms: craft of research; creative practice; creative writing; data management; methodology; reflective practice; research; research design; research methods; research writing.

Publication: June 2015 in hardback (ISBN 978-1-907076-37-4), ePub (978-1-907076-16-9), and PDF (978-1-907076-35-0).

“Any reviewer would be hard-pressed to find flaws or omissions in this impressive, scholarly work…Overall, Researching Creative Writing is lucidly-written, logically-structured, and convincingly argued. It offers a concise overview of the field and creative-critical discourse. It is a lighthouse in the pea soup surrounding practice-based research, and as such is useful and welcome.” – Kevan Manwaring, Writing in Education

“[This book] is a joy to read, whether dipping in or reading the whole thing, because it is learned yet accessible without being patronising … The text deals with some very complex ideas relating to practice driven research embedded within creativity and criticality.” – Dr. Vanessa Harbour (

“This is a book that has the potential to help creative writers ‘make knowledge festive’ in the process of creating their research projects. It is structured logically so as to make for optimal comprehension. It is superbly written and gives exciting examples of writers and books that illustrate the process of researching creative writing and writing as research. A book to which I shall refer repeatedly and which I highly recommend not only for tertiary students doing higher research degrees, or academics, but for all writers interested in research as part of the process of their practice.” – Sue Bond, The Compulsive Reader (

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