53 interesting ways to support online learning

Author: Rhona Sharpe

9781907076831.jpgOutline: Research has shown that although learners in higher education may be familiar with using technology in their social lives, they do not always use effective strategies in studying online. Drawing on research into student experiences, this book provides 53 practical ideas for teachers and lecturers who are supporting students on blended or fully online courses.

Each of the 53 ideas provides a learning activity to help students develop their study skills and habits, so that they can learn confidently and effectively in the digital age. The book is designed to dip into for ideas that dovetail with your own practice.

The topics covered are wide-ranging. They include: time management skills; self-regulated learning; personalizing the online learning environment; collaborative learning; presenting work online; online assessment; experimenting with playful learning; and reflection and blogging.

Contents: Table of contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Activities to start; 2. Activities to encourage contribution; 3. Activities to make learning personal; 4. Activities to encourage time on task; 5. Activities for lifelong learning.

Key terms: learning design; learning activity; digital literacy; learner development; learning environment; and online learning skills.

Author: Professor Rhona Sharpe is Head of Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development at Oxford Brookes University.

Extent: 186 pp.

Formats and ISBNs:
Paperback: 978-1-907076-81-7
ePub: 978-1-907076-82-4
PDF: 978-1-907076-83-1
Series: Professional and Higher Education
Imprint: The Professional and Higher Partnership
Publisher: Frontinus Ltd
Publication: 1 November 2016

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