Studying Creative Writing – Successfully

1907076867-frontcoverUndergraduate creative writing programs have grown exponentially in North America in the last twenty years. This book serves as a guide to the various elements that typify the creative writing curriculum in North America and shows students how to navigate the field in order to maximize their future success as writers.

If you’re studying creative writing at a university or college, or considering doing so, this book will: show you what to expect from your course of study, demystify the habitual practices of the field, help you maximize your learning (including online), and advise you on how to sustain yourself as a writer after graduation. It offers a practical guide through the creative writing landscape for both undergraduate and graduate studies.

“A practical field guide to the rocky, thrilling terrain that is a creative writing program. Packed with advice, anecdotes, and practical strategies for students seeking to thrive as writing students in the academy, and beyond.”  – Heather Sellers, author of The  Practice of Creative Writing: A Guide for Students 

Editor: Stephanie Vanderslice directs the Arkansas Writers M.F.A. Workshop at the University of Central Arkansas. She is the author of the first title in our Creative Writing Studies series, Rethinking Creative Writing. She also blogs as The Writing Geek for The Huffington Post.

Contents: Editor’s Preface (Stephanie Vanderslice) x Chapter 1: Making the Creative Writing Major Work for You – Planning Now for the Best Outcome x Chapter 2: Studying Creative Writing at Today’s College or University – What Should I Expect and What Skills Should I Bring? x Chapter 3: Reading as a Writer, Writing as a Reader x Chapter 4: Invention: Get Started and Keep Going x Chapter 5: Revising Your Writing – Strategies for Improving Your Work, Draft by Draft x Chapter 6: Presenting Your Writing – How to Give a Reading x Chapter 7: The Critical and Reflective Study – How to Write It and Why x Chapter 8: Grading Creative Writing – How it’s Done and Why x Chapter 9: Learning Creative Writing In Cyberspace – Getting the Most Out of an Online x Creative Writing Course Chapter 10: Beyond Graduation – Sustaining Yourself As a Writer x Chapter 11: Literary Citizenship – How You Can Contribute to the Literary Community and Why You Should.

Key terms: creative writing; higher education; assessment; editing; employability; feedback; reading; learning; skills; revision; presentation; essays; online learning; study; literary community; invention strategies.

Publication: June 2016 in paperback (978-1-907076-86-2), ePub (978-1-907076-87-9), and PDF (978-1-907076-88-6).

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