The ‘P & H books’ app

Many of our readers read in more than one location — for  example, at home, on campus, or whilst travelling or commuting. They wish to be able to read books in various formats on various platforms. In particular, they wish to be able to continue reading on mobile devices — phones and tablets.

Fortunately much of our content is particularly suited to reading on mobiles. The titles in our Professional and Higher Education series, for example, each comprise 53 essays presented in concise form — typically a few hundred words each. Similarly, Teaching Creative Writing presents 50 practical ideas in comparably concise form.

To facilitate mobile reading, we have developed the ‘P & H books’ app. The app, which is available on a variety of platforms — notably Apple and android, is free to download. Individual books may be purchased within the app.

We recognise that some readers will wish to purchase books in this form in addition to our other formats (i.e., print and e-book downloads). We have therefore ensured that our books acquired via the app are as affordable as possible.

Overall, the ‘P & H books’ app offers a convenient and economical way to read our publications. We hope you find it attractive to use.

The link to the iOS store is here and the link to the Android store is here.

PS Please note that because of rights restrictions, the ‘P & H books’ app is not currently available in the Americas or Australasia.


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